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Process Safety

REDD has practical experience helping companies understand the requirements of process safety in general and Process Safety Management (PSM) as outlined in OSHA 29 CFR 1910.119.

Successful implementation and maintenance of a comprehensive process safety program improves overall operational efficiency.

Through our PSM Overview Training, 3rd Party Audits, and general PSM and Engineering experience REDD has assisted PSM governed facilities as well as supported several facilities that desire to use world class principles of PSM but fall outside the PSM threshold with ‘Safe Operations Management’.

REDD has experience in implementing process safety and PSM programs (document control, compliance plans, compliance audits, document templates, information management); PSM training, and the generation or updating of Process Safety Information (PSI). We can provide a comprehensive overview of your PSM program via our PSM training or a 3rd party audit.

REDD has many clients in different states that have received excellent scores after being audited by the state OSHA department. We ensure that you are safe and haven’t just focused on compliance.

REDD has a proprietary browser based document storage and retrieval system that is ideal for small operators. It has been installed and tested at various client locations for nearly 15 years.