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Caribbean Salt Study

he Wilkins-REDD Salt Group was contacted by our client to provide technical support with respect to their salt production site in the Caribbean. Subsequently, Wilkins-REDD performed a high level scoping study, which included visiting the site, gathering data, and analyzing various projects under consideration. Prior to performing an evaluation of the various projects under consideration, Wilkins-REDD established baseline data regarding the site conditions upon which all engineering calculations would be based. We analyzed this data and consolidated the most critical information for purposes of our study into a newly created Pond Layout drawing and Site Information document.

In order to increase and optimize production at the site, a number of prospective projects had been considered by site personnel. For each of the projects under consideration, as well as several more suggested by Wilkins-REDD, we provided a detailed description of the project, a narrative of our analysis, and a concise recommendation for moving forward. Some of these recommendations included projects like: Installing a pump station, utilizing additional land area, rainwater management, utilizing adjacent dry areas, and adding a Bitterns Pond. Because of this study, there were a number of improvements identified to increase production at the site and provide a healthy return on investment.

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