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A Stable EPC for an Unstable System

REDD provided EPC services for a new stabilizer system.

Stabilizer EPC

A natural gas refinery in Wyoming was losing gas and liquid equivalent to their flare. They wished to capture this gas by installing a 3-ph Separator, Stabilizer, Compressor, NGL Storage Bullet and a LACT unit. REDD was brought on board to help support the installation of this equipment.

REDD’s primary responsibility in this project was to design the piping moving the product to and from the new equipment. This was accomplished by first incorporating existing equipment onsite into the P&IDs, as well as vendor P&IDs for the new equipment.

Following the as-building of the P&IDs, REDD conducted an on-site survey in order to locate the compressor buildings, major equipment, and tie points. Using this information, as-built equipment location drawings were generated. These drawings were then used as a reference to locate the new equipment.

Having gathered enough information, REDD was then able to proceed to creating a model to generate piping drawings efficiently. REDD quickly put together a construction drawing package that thoroughly outlined the scope of the project.

In addition to a construction drawing package, REDD also performed various analyses and engineering services that were requested by the client. Specifically, an analysis was performed to determine a new location for a flare, and a separate analysis investigated the velocity and pressure drop at various locations along the piping.

After providing engineering and design support to the client, REDD worked to organize vendors and contractors to procure all the equipment to be installed and managed the construction and installation of the equipment.

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