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Power Feasibility Study

After being awarded a grant from the United States Trade Development Agency (USTDA) REDD set out to Bonto, The Gambia, to perform a feasibility study of a 12 MW Power plant project to provide power to an industrial and Free Processing Zone with the additional power generated supplied to the state owned public grid.

REDD performed field work in Bonto to review and finalize preliminary plant design and equipment selection while evaluating financial, legal and political risks associated with the project.

REDD also became a key player on Fuel Supply and Power Purchasing Agreements and advised our Client regarding negotiations. Every possible aspect of the study was meticulously examined including environmental, social and economic factors.

In the end, however, it was decided that the location and size of the plant made it uneconomical, but a number of alternatives were outlined during the study that identified other more feasible projects and the client was ultimately satisfied with the results.

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USTDA-Bonto-Power-Feasibility-Study.pdf (pdf, 141 KB) (1 download)

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