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Roller Mill Installation

The client determined that the existing mills at a plant had become a significant bottleneck. To meet current and forecasted needs, the client hired REDD to provide engineering, procurement support and construction management services to install a 74” fluid bed roller mill system capable of milling a nominal fifty tons per hour of 2” minus gypsum rock.

The plant was in full production throughout the project, and as such REDD was allowed only a small window to make final tie ins.

Additionally, the mill needed to suspend 100 feet above grade to tie into the existing chute system. The equipment weighed nearly 10 tons.

This installation provided the client’s plant with a continuous supply of landplaster to meet current production demands and allow required maintenance to be performed on the other mill lines.

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USG-6-Mill-Modernization.pdf (pdf, 123 KB) (2 downloads)

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