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Salt Plant Consulting

In order to support Meda, Wilkins-REDD developed a six-phase plan to help Meda design and construct a solar salt facility on the Red Sea in Saudi Arabia. This plan began with a pre-feasibility study, included engineering and design, and culminated with construction and commissioning. The first phase required the Wilkins-REDD team to visit the site and collect data. While on site, Wilkins-REDD performed preliminary soil and water sampling, interviewed key Meda personnel, and reviewed geographical maps and topographical data.

After collecting data and presenting our findings in the form of a pre-feasibility report, it was clear to Meda that the proposed site would be capable of producing very efficient, high quality, solar salt on a large scale. Meda then began negotiations for land acquisition from the Saudi government. Wilkins-REDD has provided ongoing support to Meda, including further technical and economic analysis, as well as a letter to the Saudi government to demonstrate the data captured and the feasibility of a salt facility in this area. Meda continues to be involved in negotiations with the Saudi Government to secure land rights so that the remaining phases of the Wilkins-REDD project execution plan can be completed.

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