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Optimizing Facilities Around The Globe

Salt Production Modeling

The Wilkins-REDD Salt Group was provided with data to run production models for three salt fields in Kenya. This model was developed by Mr. Guy Wilkins and has been used to design and optimize some of the largest and most efficient pond systems in the world today. This model has a proven accuracy of within 10% of actual production rates. Based on the data provided, the model results predicted potential yields of each salt field, in metric tonnes/year.  The model results also helped to identify areas for improvement which allowed Wilkins-REDD to create modern solutions to optimize the overall system.

These recommendations included washing and refining improvements at all sites that would decrease losses by 10%, examining the inlet salinity and improving the intake system to increase production by 15-45%, and upgrades to a pickle/bittern pond that would increase production by 15%. Wilkins-REDD went even further to include auxiliary recommendations like installing wind pumps to save on electricity costs, provided techniques to locate and decrease seepage, and outlined methods to obtain more accurate data measurements for future studies.

Each of these recommendations was accompanied with a narrative of our analysis and a concise guidance for moving forward with these improvements. Wilkins-REDD provided the necessary direction to increase production, efficiency and management of the various salt facilities.

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