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Technical and Economic Feasibility

Solar Salt Works Study

The Wilkins-REDD Salt Group provided a pre-feasibility study to address the technical feasibility and provide a budgetary cost estimate for a solar salt works near Winneba, Ghana. In order to offer an opinion on the technical and economic feasibility of the project and assist Bewadze in moving forward, Wilkins-REDD performed on-site testing and data collection.

The original scope of the project was to perform on-site testing and data collection and generate a pre-feasibility report addressing schedule, cost, financing, and technical feasibility. Wilkins-REDD began by visiting the site and analyzing the resources and topography of the site. During this site visit and after careful deliberation of the data, Wilkins-REDD deemed the location to not be suitable for the size and production rate of the proposed facility. The topography and soils of the proposed site was not ideal and did not provide the necessary resources to properly supply a facility of the proposed size.

Wilkins-REDD personnel recommended to our client that they rethink their proposed location or shrink the size of the solar salt plant to compensate for the lack of essential conditions in the area. The reality of some feasibility studies is that the findings may not suggest project viability. By recognizing this reality early in the Time & Materials project, significant costs were saved and ultimately this study allowed our client to focus their resources on more profitable ventures.

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