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Salt Plant Feasibility Study

A group of Somali diaspora approached REDD about assisting them in determining if a dormant salt facility located on the tip of Africa could be refurbished and expanded.

At REDD we recognize that the greatest impact can be provided in highly impoverished areas of conflict; and although we’re not keen on being in harm’s way, we don’t let that stop us from making a difference.

After visiting the site (which consisted of travelling in an armed caravan across the desert through Al-Shabaab controlled territory), and conducting a preliminary feasibility study, we determined that it was not economically feasible to refurbish the old salt ponds. However we determined the site is ideal for a new large-scale salt works; and it appears to be both economically and technically feasible. Our study included design layouts and a preliminary technical review and financial analysis of several options for the solar salt works and supporting infrastructure.

Currently our Client is looking for strategic partners and/or additional funding…are you interested?

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